Aid in Education: A study of Nepal

1Dr. Vijoyeta Deori


Nepal being one of the least developed countries in the world is dependent on aids from other nations and external agencies. Since, the inception of modern education system in Nepal, aids has been pouring in but the impact of education for overall development of the nation does not commensuate with the amount invested in the education system. The shear amount of aid going by the amount given by outside agencies is very impressive. But looking at the final details at the nature and amount of aid tells somewhat a different story. Furthermore the amount is also found to be different in different sources. The amount publicised by the agencies very often does not match to the amount disclosed by the government of Nepal. Superficially, the both problem and solution of Nepal‘s lack of progress and development including educational appears very simple. Nepal being a poor country is not in position to provide all the resources needed, donor agencies and countries try to bridge the gap. But despite of long relationship between Nepal and donors and resultant foreign aid, it does not seem to be working sufficiently enough for the people of Nepal. In this article, the various factors that influences the nature of aids in Nepal's education system will be dealt with.


Nepal, Education Policy, Foreign Aid, Gender disparity, Social inertia.

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