Job Satisfaction of Employees in Information Technology Industry-A Study in Chennai City

1T. Varun


Job satisfaction deals with the employee’s perception on anticipated and recognized from work situation in an organization. This will enhance employee confidence, which improves morale and provides better and positive workplace, increases productivity and building commitment to the industry. The important theories like Maslow’s theory, Lawler’s theory, Discrepancy theory, Edwin A. Locke’s Range of Affect Theory, Taylor’s classical approach, Human interactions theory etc., analysis of job satisfaction. It is noted that the job satisfaction is related to the total relationship between an individual and the employer for which he is paid. The Chennai City was purposively chosen for this research work and a total of 100 respondents working in IT/ITES/BPO industry were contacted by using random sample method with a pre-tested questionnaire. This study analyses about sex education, service tenure, experience, monthly income, opportunity for career growth, job security, relationships with co-workers, most congenial atmosphere, problems of the employees, inadequate time to complete work, possibility of growth, work life balance, stress from superiors, satisfied with the overall compensation, job security, and fully able to use their skills of Sample Employees of IT Industries in Chennai City.


Job satisfaction, perception, Maslow’s theory, Lawler’s theory, job security, congenial atmosphere, work life balance.

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