Knowledge, attitude and practices of reproductive health among early married women of urban slums of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

1PriyankaTripathi, Dr. Neetu Singh


Background: Previous researches show that the women who are married before legal age , living in poor communities, belonging to the age group 15 to 24 years, face more reproductive health problems due to lack of sufficient knowledge. Objective: To know about the socio- demographic profile of target population. To access knowledge, attitude and practice level regarding reproductive health and association between knowledge, attitude and practice scores of the women who are living in the urban slums of Lucknow. Method: A cross sectional study was conducted among 253 early married women of the age 15- 24 years in the slums of Lucknow district. Results: Out of 253 respondents the majority of the respondents 211 (83.4%) were belonging to the 21-24 years age group, 230 (90.9%) were married at the age between 15-17 years, 169 (66.8%) Hindu, 122 (48.2%) OBC, 114(45.1%) illiterate, 208 (82.2%) home maker,nuclear family 158 (62.5%),146 (57.7%) were living on rent in the semi-pacca house 117 (46.2%). Majority of the respondents 119 (47%) were belonging to the III class. Majority of the women had low level of knowledge (91.7 %), negative attitude (79.1%) and poor practice (81.8%). There is an association between the score of knowledge and attitude (r=0.708, p<.01), knowledge and practice (r= 0.616, p<.01) and attitude score is associated with practice score (r=0.480, p<.01). Conclusion: There is low level of knowledge, attitude and practice of reproductive health among the study subjects.


Reproductive health, knowledge, attitude and practice.

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