Performance Evaluation using the Balanced Scorecard Technique and its Impact on Strategic Performance in Banks

1Rami Abbas Hameed Al-Tamimi


The importance of the balanced scorecard increased because it is an extension to develop management thought and it is an important technique that used in evaluating the strategic performance of economic units, which aims to reduce operational costs and improve quality and interest to knowledge assets and social performance. The research aims to focus on the concept and importance of the balanced scorecard in evaluating the strategic performance and identifying the perspectives of the balanced scorecard and the importance of using it in evaluating the strategic performance. The opinions of a sample of officials in the private Iraqi banks were explored through distributing a questionnaire and conducting statistical analysis of their answers about the role of the scorecard Balanced in measuring strategic performance and its reflection on performance. Among the most important conclusions that reached, the balanced scorecard plays an important role in evaluating the strategic performance in the financial and banking institutions ,and business units, where the card is distinguished by that it evaluates financial and non-financial performance through its five perspectives.


Performance evaluation, Balanced Scorecards, Statrtegic performance, Banks

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