The Effect of Proposed Exercises in developing the concentration for the team Of Young for the National Center of Caring The Boxing talented Sport

1ElafRabeea Abbas


Boxing is one of the opening space games which has quick and many influences as well as it is considered as a sudden one that unknown before, that leads to great concentration and the accurate attention by the Boxer himself for these ef ects in order to achieve the Kinetic duty in a very short time. Whenever the Boxer has high, quick, and great concentration he will have the ability to defend upon himself against the fast and the sudden parapets of the competitive Boxer, as well as to make counter boxes Inaccurate and fast manner. The Problem of The research: Despite the many serious attempts that are done in the field of developing and promoting the sound and the correct training in the space of Boxing, but, actually, there are many problems that are live up to now.These problems need solutions that are based on a scientific basis that aims to realize the best levels for the Boxers, privately, the Young Boxers.The Researcher has noticed through the Field Experiment as he is one of The Iraqi Champions in the field of Boxing that many of Young Boxers have very clear weakness in coordination and ordominance between reactions and the boxes which need to high ef iciency in Neuro System and the Muscular System.The researcher, furthermore, has mentioned the lack of some coaches through their own training methods to many exercises that are based on the great concentration and attention so as to recognize and know the sound and the correct solutions. Preparing proposed exercises for the purpose of developing the concentration and attention, as well, for the Young Team in The National Center for caring for the talented Boxers. 1. Through the results, the experimental group has risen than the controlled one, as well as, the ef ect of the exercises of concentration and attention are clearly appeared. 2. The proposed exercises have an ef ective factor in developing the coordination and the relationship between the movement of the hand and the concentration of attention system. 3. And, it was very clear among the members of the Experimental Group through the correct concentration for the kinetic changes. 4. The development of the concentration of attention has participated in developing and promoting physical and psychological implementation. Recommendations: 1. The training program must be included exercises of concentrating attention that is based on the coaches. 2. Developing the other physical features for the purpose of achieving the physical and the psychological completion for the boxer and to fix the professional execution. 3. The case of training on developing the concentrating attention, it mustn't disregard other physical characteristics which ef ect in the right application for the concentrating attention. 4. Finally, confirming on developing the concentrating attention for the boxer will strengthen his own professional implementation that is why, it must concentrate on this aspect.


Boxing sport, Proposed Exercises, Kinetic duty

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