The Effect of Sesame Oil and Comparison with Mupirocin Ointment on Partial Thickness Burn Wounds – A Randomized Clinical Trial

1Seyed Jalal Eshagh Hoseini


Background: The burn injury is one of the most common types of injuries in the world. It causes the patients to face a heavy health and economic burden. The present study aims at investigating the healing effects of sesame oil on facial burns and comparing them with those of the mupirocin ointment Methods: The current single-blind randomized clinical trial studied 50 patients with facial burns attending to the Burn Unit of the Nekuee Hospital in Qom. Patients were randomly divided into intervention and control groups. Patients in the intervention group received sesame oil while the control group patients were treated with mupirocin ointment. The duration of wound healing was compared between the two groups. Results: The time of restriction and the start of healing of the wound was 4.9(1.21 ) days (mean / SD) in sesame oil and 5.84 (0.99) days (mean/SD) in mupirocin ointment. The time of complete healing was 17.04 (2.35) days in sesame oil and 17.50(2.10) days (mean/SD) in mupirocin ointment. Conclusion: Significant differences were observed between sesame oil and mupirocin ointment (p = 0.03) in terms of their healing effect in the start of the healing process of burn wounds. The average time for complete wound healing was similar in the two groups. The application of topical sesame oil reduces the time that it takes for the healing of burn wounds to start.


sesame oil, mupirocin, burn.

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