The Dramatic treatment of the Iraqi Al-Hussaini theatrical text (“Al-Shammir” character as a model)

1Jamal Ghazi Hussein Al-Sultani, Ali Mohsen Aziz Al-Husseini


The research consists of four chapters, the first of which - which is the methodological framework for the research - included the research problem that focused on the following question: (What is the dramatic treatment of the Iraqi Al-Husseini theatrical text (Al-Shammir character as a model)? While the importance of the research was demonstrated as a cognitive achievement, that it mainly benefits the playwright as well as the dramatists in general. As well as the derivation of a basic goal is (the dramatic treatments of the characters are known in al-Husseini theatrical text). As for the research limits, they included temporally the texts of the Iraqi Hussaini theater for the period from 1972-2012. While the research spatial limits, they were in (Iraq). The second chapter - the theoretical framework - which included two topics, the first dealt with a historical summary of the life of Al-Shammir bin Dhi Al-Jaushan and studying the psychological dimension for this personality. As for the second topic of the theoretical framework, which it is entitled (Dramatic treatment of the theatrical text of Al-Arabi Al-Hussaini), this chapter contained with a set of indications obtained through the theoretical framework. The third chapter – The Research Procedures - included: the research community, its samples, tools, and methodology, where the selection of samples was intentional. As for the fourth chapter, it contains the results with a presentation of the conclusions. The chapter also contains the recommendations and the suggestions, and the sources and references as well.


Treatment, Dramatic, al-Shammir, the Theater 5-the Iraqi

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