(Chitosan-Iodine) Bio-Films and Its Applications

1Duaa Abdul Rida, Jaleel Kareem Ahmed, Auda Jabbar Braihi


Films manufactured from chitosan polymerand iodine (I2) for treating wounds, infected and burned areas. Chitosan-iodine composites are prepared by adding 14wt. % iodine element to the chitosan matrix. As a solution and film (coating and composite) states are used to investigate their healing actions. Evaluating healing action is done by applied these solution and films to the injured rabbits and comparing with the flamazine creamtreatmentmedical ointment. The antibacterial activity was checkedin Hilla General Teaching Hospital by expose the prepared samples to the action ofStaphylococcus aureus (gram positive) Escherichia coli (gram negative) andPseudomonas aeruginosa (gram negative) microorganisms. Agar well diffusion method was used to evaluate the antibacterial action by measuring the inhibition zone area. Results showed that,the prepared composite film is the best which have diameter zones 45, 35 and 15 mmantibacterial ability againstStaphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli andPseudomonasmicroorganisms respectively.Density and wettability of chitosan film increased with addition of I2 and the wettability of composite film as a function of time is more than the pure and coating film. Also the weight loss results proved that thelosses of iodine in coatedfilm (5.4%) is higher than in composite film (2.6%). Glass transition temperature (Tg) results proved presence of physical interactions between chitosan and I2. From the calculations of Tg values shows that iodine gives energy to the chitosan film; to the composite film (11.69kJ mol-1) and to the coated film (0.95kJ mol-1).Complete healingof wound rabbits obtains within seven dayscomparing with negative control(without treatment).Both types of the films (coating and composite) show good healing power comparing with present medical ointment but composite film was better. Test is carried on to show the limited ability for area healing power of chitosan,iodine, chitosan-I2 coated and composite films. Also tests are carried on to join the films with effected area i.e. to create a new skin.


Chitosan, Wound healings, flamazine cream, Iodine, Inhibitiondiameter zone.

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