1Dr. Ravi Teja Maddula, Abby Abraham, Dhanraj Ganapathy


Precise shade matching is one of the most testing parts of dental restorations and stylish dentistry. Because of the incredible assortment of regular tooth shading accomplishing a nearby shade match of a fake rebuilding with normal dentition is a mind boggling process. Photography has been utilized for a long time trying to improve correspondence among dental specialists and dental professionals.The aim of the study was to evaluate the awareness of of intra oral photography among dental graduates.This was a questionnaire based cross sectional type of study comprising 100 dental college students in Chennai. A self designed questionnaire contains 10 questions based on the knowledge, awareness on intra oral photography among dental college students. Questionnaires were circulated through an online website survey planet.After the responses were received from 100 participants, data was collected and analysed.76% of dental graduates stated the intraoral photographs taken in automatic mode and only 24% of dental graduates set the camera in manual mode to capture the intra oral image. 97% of Dental graduates use the grey card as the contrast to the subject taken and 98% of dental graduates are unaware about the use of white balance in camera setting and 1% of dental graduates are only aware about the 18% grey card and the use of grey card to pre-set the white balance. 100% of the people recommend the intraoral photography courses included in dental course. 33% of the graduates have attended the photography courses to learn the technique to capture the intraoral photographs.The awareness of intra oral photography among dental students is moderetely adequate.More than 30 of the graduates have attended the photography courses to learn the technique to capture the intraoral photographs. The documentation of the clinical cases is being encouraged in dental schools but the proper training for the intraoral photographs is not being met. 100% of graduates recommend the photography courses be included in dental curriculum.


Awareness, intraoral photography, dental students

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