Semantic Convergence in Surat Fatir

1Dr. Aseel Raad Tahseen


Studying this phenomenon of semantic contrast in the Noble Qur’an in an integrated manner is a necessary matter that miracles confirm by means of Qur’an expression in the manner of the interview in words, verses, and positions. This expression had many artistic and religious purposes. After this introduction, the research was arranged on an introduction and two topics, which dealt with in the preface the causes of revelation, the topics of the surah, and the miraculous aspect of this surah. The first topic dealt with introducing interviews and their types, while the second topic included six demands; The first: the contrast between the words of the elements of nature, the second requirement the nodal contrast between the terms of guidance and delusion, and the third requirement the semantic contrast between the words of the unseen, while the fourth requirement dealt with the semantic contrast between psychological words, while the fifth requirement dealt with the technical side, while the sixth requirement dealt with the encounter syntactic double noun against antibody. The research concluded with a conclusion and results that were outlined in its end, and praise be to God first and foremost by whose blessings all good works are accomplished, and God is behind the intention.


The Encounter, Interview, Semantic, Surat Fater

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