Designing Key Success Factors in Taekwondo Sports with an Emphasis on Psychology

1Gholam Reza Goodarzi, Seyed Mohammad Mahmoudi, Asadollah Kordnaeij*, Ali Saberi, Jabbar BabaShahi


The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive model for Designing key success factors in taekwondo sports with an emphasis on psychology. It is considered as a applied research. Methodology: The research method was qualitative method which according to qualitative method, Data collection was done in the first stage. Statistical Society of Research: In the process of performing Taekwondo, after 21 interviews, the interview process was almost theoretically saturated. The sampling method in the qualitative section was initially purposeful and judgmental. In order to collect information, snowball sampling method was used. Data collection tools were interviews and documents, and after coding and identifying themes, it was used to design and validate the model. Data analysis was performed using related theme analysis methods and structural models were prepared. then the data from the twenty - one interviews were analyzed using theme analysis and theme analysis and analysis. The validity of the interviews was measured by the professors by examining the form and content of the questions. Results: The results of content analysis showed that grouping codes is twenty-seven components. Spiritual upbringing is a key factor and has Media Capacity Building Steps, Psychological assistance in sports and concern for spirituality and morality. Conclusion. According to the research results, the proposed model can be used as an analytical tool Taekwondo sports with an emphasis on psychological dimensions for competitions, Be the basis of action to solve the problems of this field of sports in a logical and principled way. Thus, the key factors of success in taekwondo sports were extracted and confirmed with emphasis on psychological dimensions, and the research model was drawn and its suitability was confirmed. To succeed in taekwondo competitions, sports managers are advised to pay attention to the key factors of success in taekwondo sports with an emphasis on psychological dimensions pay attention.


Model, Taekwondo, Key Success Factors, psychology

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