Educational Approach to “Enjoining Good and Forbidding Wrong” in Light of Quranic Verses and Prophetic Traditions

1Alireza Farhadian*, Abbas Ali Rostami Nasab, Masoud Akhlaghy


Basically the preservation of religion as the ideological substracutre of the society and continuation of the religious culture requires paying attention to the quality of education; because real and comprehensive education of man is achieved when he behaves in his life based on the religious injunctions. The mission of the prophets, revelation of the divine books and the codification of religious canons and obligations, are all in line with the education of manking and his guidance towards the direct path of servitude and acquisition of the noble purpose of creation, i.e. knowledge of divine Lord, sympathy with human virtues and keeping oneself away from the vices and animal mood. The present essay intends to study, recognize and infer the educational foundations, goals and methods of “the enjoining good and forbidding wrong” based on Quranic verses and prophetic traditions. The method used in this study is analytic and inferential. Thus, after the collection of required data as regards the goals of research, we have proceeded to identify and analyze the educational foundations, goals and methods of the enjoining good and forbidding wrong. The results show that the best area for full realization of the enjoining good and forbidding wrong is the domain of education. For in this domain, compulsion and force do not have any place and the best measure for action is the choice of the individual himself. Moreover, education is the domain of stable learning and if the enjoining good and forbidding wrong take place in this area, it will become internalized.


Education, Enjoining Good, Forbidding Wrong, Quranic Verses, Prophetic Traditions

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