Using the Projection Gradient model To predict tourist demand in Iraq except for the Kurdistan Region

1Auday sabeeh lazim al kabi


The research aims to predict the touristic demand in Iraq through using the sample of projection gradient after limiting a time series from 2012 to 2019, therefore the idea of research is taken from researches and studies of touristic economies in Iraq and the data of the central office of statistics .these references have been ponted that the touristic sector in Iraq has suffered from significant defect which is inability of knowing the comers numbers of the next years. In fact, this is because of non – using the methods of is what leads, to many problems represented by unconsciousness of comers importance to Iraq lands, inabilityof knowning the comers. Actually,the touristic demand has various different froms in the touristic groups of tourism committee of the ministry of culture and tourism. According to what is mentioned, may question have been arisen about the touristic demand in Iraq theoretically and practically especially when the problem of Study is restricted. The movment of the correct statistics. This is what give the study importance represented by the future of tourism sector and touristic developments. Hence, the aims of research come to deal with the problems that sector of tourism in iarq suffers from .one of these is knowing the general line of touristic demand through orientating the responsible officials of touristic sector and adapting standard sample to take the touristic sector it role in Iraqi economy as being one of the solution in preceding the economic problems


Projection Gradient model, predict tourist demand, Kurdistan Region

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