Didactic Use of Facebook to Perfect Basic English Skills

1Martha Inés Ormaza Bermello, Marcos Alejandro Yánez Rodríguez


The educational use of Facebook in recent years has been booming, but to successfully incorporate this social network in classrooms, teachers need to think very well and carry out proper strategic planning, students without a doubt when they talk about social networks tend to motivate themselves, that is why this research comes to bring the proposal of how to use the Facebook tool in a didactic way to motivate students of General Baccalaureate Unified and help them understand, write and pronounce English better. The type of research is descriptive, a qualitative approach was used to collect information, and techniques such as: observation and documentary analysis were chosen. The results show that the use of Facebook successfully promotes collaborative work, helps in processes of speaking, writing and listening to the language, it also generates motivation, since it provides a fun and entertaining interface, in conclusion it can be said that good use from a social network in the educational field gives a variety of gains.


Social network, Facebook, Tool, TIC

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IssueIssue 10