Professional pressure and its relationship to self-confidence for the sport teachers in the directorate of "Karkh First"

1Wasan jasem mohammed hasan, Ban Adnan mohammed Ameen


The study aimed to identify the level of occupational stress and self-confidence among teachers of physical education and teachers, n also aimed to identify the relationship between occupational stress and self- confidence among teachers and teachers of physical education in the first schools of Karkh The research community also included male and female teachers of physical education in secondary schools in Baghdad Governorate / the first Karkh Education Directorate and they were 198 male and female teachers, then the research sample was randomly selected and they were 80 male and female teachers and formed a percentage of 40% of the original community and they were distributors There are (30) schools divided into (40) teachers and (40) schools The researchers also used the professional pressure gauge and the self- confidence scale and the researchers concluded from this study that the occupational pressures experienced by male and female teachers in high schools do not affect the self-confidence of the research sample This is because pressure has become part of the daily life that the individual lives in society, and this is why adaptation to difficult life conditions is necessary


occupational stress, self-confidence, physical education, karkh

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