Designing an Ethical Corporate Culture Model in Mellat Bank

1Masoud Bagheri, *Ali Naghi Amiri, Hasan Zarei Matin


One of the success factors of today's organizations is their becoming ethical organizations. The main purpose of this study is to design and explain an ethical corporate culture model through a scientific and systematic review of the Mellat Bank. Hence, it aims to answer the following question by designing and adopting a scientific and systematic approach: "How is the ethical corporate culture process model in the Mellat Bank?" This is an applied research in terms of purpose, an exploration one regarding approach and a mixed one (qualitativequantitative) in terms of how to analyze data. In the qualitative stage, a team of experts in the field of organizational behavior and specifically the corporate culture including university professors and executives of the Mellat Bank (who dominate the issues of organizational behavior and culture) were selected to design the model based on the grounded theory methodology. Sampling in the first stage was done using snowball method, in which 9 interviews were conducted. In the second stage, 500 people were selected as the statistical population using the Krejcie and Morgan table. Two SPSS and LISREL software were used for statistical analysis after distributing and collecting the questionnaire and summarizing the data obtained. Finally, structural equation modeling was used to analyze the research model. Finally, the research results led to the design of an ethical corporate culture model in Mellat Bank, and the hypothesized relationships of the model was tested in a larger population.


ethical corporate culture model, Mellat Bank, grounded theory

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