Improvement of Wok Molding Station Increases Work Comfort and Productivity of the Workers

1Tri Budiyanto, M. Yusuf


Most small and medium-sized aluminum casting industries of wok products are still using simple work facilities. The work facilities such as the wok molder which is operated manually and some supporting facilities such as the water container, the temporary place for the end product, the wooden molder stamper, the brush, and the place for the diluted clay liquid are still placed irregularly and do not suit to the operators’ body dimension. A work tool that does not suit the user will cause an unnatural work posture and can cause fatigue and uncomfortable feeling, and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, an experimental research needs to be conducted to improve the work comfort and productivity by using treatment by subject design. The research sample was 15 wok molders. There were two treatments given to the sample; molding wok using the former work facilities (P0) and molding wok using the new or improved work facilities (P1). The work comfort was measured using three questionnaires; fatigue in general questionnaire, musculoskeletal complaints questionnaire, and comfort in the general questionnaire. The work productivity was measured based on the total of the produced wok divided by the workload and the work time. The statistical analysis on significant difference results of the processed data before and after the work facilities improvement (P0 and P1) were calculated using Paired Sample t-Test on the significance level of  = 5%. The research results showed that there happened 32.71% decrease of fatigue, 25.71% decrease of musculoskeletal complaints, 34.91% increase of comfort in general, and 31.64% increase of work productivity.


work station, comfort, productivity.

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