Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer Buying Behavior A case study of Unilever Pakistan, City Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan

1Mukhtiar Ali Erri, Arman Khan, Javed Ahmed Shaikh, Salar Hussain


Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is one of the most contentious areas of research, the concept marking a constant progress from the simple coordinating of promotional tools to a complex strategic process. Further to the evolution of modern marketing methods, where IMC has become a main way of achievement the objectives of corporations, there is a need to identify opportunities to increase its impact on consumer behavior. Therefore it is of great interest, the relatively recent approach found in the literature, according to which IMC works explicitly through all the four typical elements of the marketing mix: product, price, placement and marketing communications. In this context, this paper intends to clarify some aspects regarding the effects of IMC on the consumer behavior, materialized in the consumer decision-making process. The research of integrated marketing communication influence on consumer decision-making process is a complex activity involving in-depth analysis of the relationship and instruments through which this influence is exercised.


Consumer, Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Buying Behavior, Consumer Perception, Marketing Mix and Marketing Communication Tools.

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