Turkestan at the beginning of the XX century: the socio-historical conditions-the question of the relevance of the time – based press-literary process

1Egamqulova Nodira


Any literary process operates in connection with the existing social conditions, political system. The socio-political changes and historical conditions that occurred in Turkestan at the beginning of the XX century at the end of the XIX century had a stronger impact on literature than usual. In his works, the creators of this period described the themes of National Freedom, national identity, enlightenment in the curtains. This article covers the issues of historical conditions, the influence of socio– political factors, which played an important role in the development of the process of Uzbek literature-intensive literature of the beginning of the XX century. The manifesto adopted by the government in 1905 and its significance, the essence of which is thought based on sources. The press in Turkistan, the work of printing is touched on. Important updates in the literature of Jadid, the method of artistic image, reviews on literary criticism have found its akin.


National Revival, Turkistan, cross section of the period, jadidism, Manifesto, time press, literary process, felyeton, “Behbudiya kutubxonasi”(Behbudiya library).

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