The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Human Capital Development (Analytical study in Iraq)

1Ahmed Ibrahim Hussein


The problem of research comesfrom the fact that Iraq is one of the countries with great wealth and material and human resources, which can be used efficiently to achieve social welfare and thus human development generally. This research aims to show impact of 4IR on Human Capital Development in Iraq by Utilization of statistical data published by the United Nations - development program as well as data of the World Bank team related to the research topic .People in Iraq can be more productive, flexible and innovative by Optimal Utilization . Utilization is the degree to which a Resource such as Equipment , Space , Workforce ( Human Capital) … etc. is currently being used and is measured as Ratio . Investments in Human Capital have become more and more important as the nature of work has involved in response to Rapid Technological Change . there are four drivers of change in Manufacturing : ( Market Forces , Capabilities , Resources and Policy ) . the speed and measure of changes coming about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution . these changes will being about shifts in Power , shifts in Wealth and Knowledge . Many ways deals with investments in Human Capital : (Education,Training and Development ) . this introduction summarizes the purpose , scope and structure of Researcher image to develop Human Capital in Iraq within benefit of advantages for The Fourth Industrial Revolution in world .


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Human Capital, Development

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