Predicting the level of physical performance in terms of some physiological indicators in a runner who ran 400 meters

1Zaydoon Jawad Mohammed, WISAL SABEEH KAREEM, Hayder Naji Habash Alshawi


The upgrading and increasing the efficiency of the capacity of anaerobic leads to decrease factors of fatigue (accumulation of acid, lactic blood) and that the development of the ability of anaerobic depends on the type of exercises that used in the curriculum of training that worked on the provision of energy Anaerobic muscles for by source rapid energy, as mentioned ( Qasim Hassan Hussein , 1990) " The exercises carry performance for periods of rest appropriate, lead to the development and improvement of processes of chemical vital in the muscle if the work muscular quickly and for a period of time short ." The training antenna and anaerobic of hostile speed help to increase the flow of glycogen from the liver rate ranging from (3-6) times for the case of natural The ratio 27 ml / kg / s, to maintain the rate in the blood of hand and to meet the needs of the muscles working of it to complete the processes of oxidation of hand and other inferred researchers from the so that the nature of efficiency and methods of training and components of pregnancy training has played a role in the adaptations of physiological , which occurs when a sample search and carry speed reflect the efficiency of physiological of two periodic and respiratory and the two promise of organs physiological , which play a role important for athletes who engage in activities anaerobic especially hostile distances short , including the effectiveness of the 400 meters, as is the case in the sample we discussed this, and that , because this indicator is a useful large in during periods of restoration of healing when implementing the modules of training that contain the duplicates and high, the adequacy of the devices league and respiratory is one of the components of basic and important to practice The different types of sports activity because they transfer oxygen and fuel to muscle cells , which cannot enable the muscles to continue contracting unless they are provided It out.


Prediction, physical performance, physiological indicators, and running efficacy

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