The effect of using rehabilitative exercises for people with ankle joint sprain on the effectiveness of triple jump for the second stage students

1Baydaa Razzaq Jawad, Zaydoon Jawad Mohammed, Ahmed Muhammad Abdulkhaliq Alhasan


Most sports activities start and depend on the movements and placement of the joint (ankle) and the effectiveness of the triple jump and one of the games because it requires speed and strength in one that, as a result of this, the player is subject to many common injuries, especially the sprain of the ankle joint. Here lies the importance of research in focusing on Qualifying exercises chosen by the researcher, as they contribute to returning the player to his normal state before the injury, to avoid injury again.The ankle joint works in two directions by connecting it to the lower leg with the foot, it is firstly a suspended joint that allows simple movement up and down and secondly it allows the movements of the flexion and rotation to edge on the sides and the ankle consists of the end of the shin bone ((below it)) and the end of the splinter bone and is connected to each other strongly by the ligament Fragmental heel, which connects to the ankle bone and the nearby surfaces are smooth and in the form of an arc (arch), so the rounded surface of the ankle bone can slide gently to allow the foot to move up and down, and the joint is all surrounded by a capsule and tight straps in all directions It is supported in particular by the internal and external sides, where the internal ligament and the external ligament are multiplied in succession . The researchers conducted the tribal tests and applied the exercises of the water resistors, then the dimensional tests were conducted and the results of the research were in favor of the post tests, due to the effect of the exercises that were used on the research sample.


Pain injury, rehabilitation, ankle joint injury, triple dart

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