Knowledge Management, Innovation, Technology and Direct Marketing as Antecedents of Data Mining: The Mediating Role of Direct Marketing in Saudi Banking Sector

1Dr. Tariq Saeed


The main objective of the present research was to examine the relationship among innovation, technology, knowledge management, direct marketing and data mining. Additionally, present study also examined the mediating impact of direct marketing in present research. For data collection, questionnaires were distributed among the employees of banks of KSA. The response rate of usable questionnaires was 73%. The PLS-SEM technique was adopted to analyse the collected data. The data analysis showed that the knowledge management, technology and innovation significantly impact the direct marketing. Moreover, data mining of banks also has a direct impact by direct marketing. In the end, direct marketing significantly mediates among knowledge management, innovation, technology and data mining. Thus, all the propose hypothesis are supported by the findings of the study. Present study fills the gap of application of data mining into the strategic level of the banking sector. Moreover, the findings of the study are important for the policy makers and academicians of the banking sector in KSA.


Data mining, Direct Marketing, Knowledge Management, Banking sector, Saudi Arabia.

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