The Educational implications in the contemporary Iraqi school theater texts

1Mohammed Kazem Hashem Al-Shammari,BIman Khalid Mahdi, Wissam Abdel-Azim Abbas Hussein


The school theater is considered one of the educational theaters types by the experts of theater studies, as it is the activity that students perform in their schools under the supervision of their teachers inside or outside the classroom or in the school theater hall and on its stage, or outside the hall in the school garden or its yard, that if the school theater comes close to the theater, as it is one of the basic arts that humans have known and practiced since ancient times, the school theater maintains a special philosophy and goals commensurate with its nature and primary function, which is the educational function. The research has been divided into four chapters, the first of which is concerned with the methodological framework that includes the research problem which is represented by the following question (What are the educational implications in the texts of the contemporary Iraqi school theater)? As for its goal, it was limited to (identifying the educational implications in the texts of the contemporary Iraqi school theater) as well as the importance of research, the need for it, also the identification of terms. As for the second chapter, the theoretical framework and previous studies, that it was divided into two topics, the first of which was studied by studying (the beginnings of the school theater) and the second topic included (the educational contents in the school theater), then the indicators that resulted from the theoretical framework. While the third chapter, it concerned with the procedures of the research and analysis of the intentionally chosen sample, which consists of two school theatrical texts. The researchers have relied on the design of the analysis tool on the deduction of the theoretical framework indicators, finally the fourth chapter was devoted to the results, as the research was ended with a list of sources and references.


Educational implications, contemporary Iraqi school, theater texts

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