Emotional intelligence as a strategy to strengthen resilience

1Geomara Karinel Patiño Briones, Marcos Fernando Pazmiño Campuzano, Esthela María San Andrés Laz


With the arrival of multiple intelligences and specifically the contribution of Goleman, on emotional intelligence, opens a door to the analysis of the importance of the development of this ability or skill, allowing the human being to develop the ability to face problems, giving way to Strengthening resilience, which is presented as the ability to recognize the feelings of oneself and others, this is a topic that is investigated as part of personal recovery from misfortunes, reaching a degree of learning of emotions. The objective of this work is to analyze the contribution of Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence and its relationship with resilience at different times and from thinkers in the field of scientific research. This bibliographic review was developed, analyzing degree theses, doctorates and scientific articles from the last years, in addition to the information from scientific texts in the development of conceptualizations. The analytical and deductive methods were used to make an exhaustive analysis of the information, arguing the main ideas for the development of this section, reaching the convergence of opinions in the development of the discussion and which leads to the conclusions in which both variables they contribute to the improvement of the educational process


Emotional intelligence, strengthening of resilience, educational process

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