Automatic Solar panel cleaning system using Arduino

1Imran khan. P, Dr.J. Mohana


Electricity has been one of the crucial problems the world is aiming at in India; the stockpile of vitality has been one of the serious issues for both downtown and provincial family units. Over 60 to 70 per cent of the vitality request of the nation is contact by fuel wood and farming deposits. Sun based vitality is a sustainable wellspring of vitality, which has an incredible thrust and through sun it is channelized. Sustainable power source is essential to supplant the utilizing of electric vitality created by oil. Sun powered force has gotten a wellspring of sustainable power source and sun powered vitality application ought to be upgraded. The sunlight based solar photovoltaic-module are commonly utilized in grubby conditions under these cases it is utilized in India. The dust is available publicly on the solar board's main portion and impedes the illumination from the sun. It decreases the force age limit of the board. The force yield decreases Just about as much as by sun based board isn't excreted for all the period. The maintenance system was built to scrub the sun centered panel by regulating the functionality of Arduino as microcontroller unit (MCU). To expel the residue in the sun oriented boards and to improving the force productivity.


Rolling brush, Arduino.

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