Remote Monitoring for Crop Security and Smart Irrigation using GSM Module

1B.Sathish Kumar, Dr.RadhikaBaskar


In India, agriculture comes under the primary sector which demonstrates most of the nation’s economy is depending on agriculture. Farmland depends on the several factors such as water, temperature, humidity, security from intrusions, soil quality, disease identification etc. Among several factors, water system is one such factors where human consideration must be given more. Olden method plant watering to field is of two types, that is when to water the plants and how much water will be adequate for the plant. The proposed paper is mainly focused on three factors in agriculture. Firstly, smart irrigation system, real time sensor data sent from the farm land and based on the data control of irrigation motor smartly using android application. Secondly, to provide security for the crops PIR (Passive infrared) sensor is used to detect the intrusions like animals, birds and immediately turn ON the buzzer as well as message sent to user. Finally, remotely monitoring data like temperature, humidity, soil moisture and PIR information is sent to farmer based on his request. Now here comes the job of GSM (Global System Mobile) to send data to user from the farm land. User can see the information about farm land as a message in android application. As a result, user presence can be reduced and precise measure of water given to the field, provides security and monitor the field data. The proposed system is applicable to large farm lands and easily integrate with the conventional agriculture system.


smart irrigation, crop security, remote monitoring, GSM module, android application, large farm lands, conventional system.

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