Cyber security Threat Mitigation in Architectures for Industrial IOT

1Triveni Mishra, Dr.SaikatGochhait


The industrial IOT applications are rapidly growing and transforming the traditional industries to smart industries (Industry 4.0) along with the impending consumer IOT adoption. It is therefore necessary to adapt and deploy a reliable cyber security software architecture. Due to the immense security challengesin IIOT, this paper tries to approach the concerns from an end-to-end IIOT solution security perspective. In this paper we discuss the currentarchitectural framework and study how they can address the challenges like scalability, integration problem, data privacy and security and how the framework improves the security in the IIOT environment and reduce cost. With respect to the aspect of cost, we highlight the factors and specific costs in developing an IOT application. This paper also explains the security requirements, practices and types of attacks on the IOT architecture. Here, we highlight the critical problems (threats/attacks/vulnerabilities) and their detection, prevention and mitigation techniques.The authors aim is to prepare a study of existing protocols, frameworks and architectures currently proposed in active research based onvarious parameters as also to review the existing technology and project requirements in IIOT to understand both technology and stakeholder impactover IIOT security


Attacks, Cryptography, Industry 4.0, IOT Security, Threats, Vulnerabilities

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