Special exercises by a training device and its impact on some bio-mechanical variables And on ran the 400m Hurdles under 20 Years' old

1Intisar Rasheed Hameed, Muna Zaidan Bakee, Zuhaa Mohammad Abdul Hassan


The nature of the conditions of the body through the outdistancing greatly affect the time pass each hurdles that comes through the training objectives through continuous training and use of the latest ways and means and the introduction of modern equipment and tools as a means of modern training assistance to develop the player, one of these devices is the use of interference in the training process, directly during the performance and lasers, which gives an indication of the path of the activist body during penetration for which gives a direct indicator of the rise of the center of gravity of the body over the barrier and the interrelation of these variables with the status of the body from the corners of 2012 during penetration as well as the time passed and affect the mechanical variables of the distance between the hurdles.  So the use of the given is an indication of the values of some variables of distances between the hurdles are considered complementary to the laser devices used over the hurdles. Use of these devices to facilitate the task of training, as well as contributing to the identification of the strengths and weaknesses in performance for falling on the real problem that hinders the progress of players level and, in particular, in the events of the high speed technique, high-consensus which must be made according to certain dynamic routes based on bio-mechanics is correct, since the use of such tools and equipment will contribute to raising the level of the player in order to achieve the best. So hardware are very important in giving direct indicators on the status of the mechanically player during cross the hurdle. Since the arc in the barriers in the rank has its own privacy in performance and knowledge of the values of the variables of the distance between the first and second hurdles of the time and speed affect the mechanical variables of the time step outdistancing outdistancing and instant messaging efforts to push before passing in turn affect the time of completion of the kidney, where the researchers found a test of achievement of the laser device and cameras to find bio-mechanical physical variables, where the results of the development of each of the variables made a step with the variables of the distance between the two hurdles that already at the time of the total delivery. 


Special exercises, training device, bio-mechanical variables, 400m Hurdles.

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