A comparative study of some biomechanical variables for constant and moving scoring skills and their relationship with speed and accuracy of football scoring

1Faris Sami Yousif Malik, Naji Kadhim Ali, Wesam Najeeb Asleawa, Yousif kadhim abed


The aim of the research is to identify the level of scoring accuracy performance of stability and the movement of the research sample. The level of the sample in the scoring drive better than the level of the sample in the scoring of the movement and the percentage of scoring animation on the drive (24%) of the level of accuracy and speed. The dynamic trajectory of scoring varies greatly from movement, especially at the height of The M.K.G., considering that the other variables are an obvious result of the time and speed of the previous one. The sample was similar to the resolution level and the variable affecting the equation was time. Attention to biomechanical variables when implementing the scoring skill of all kinds by coaches and players. The need to take advantage of the modern devices specialized in calculating biomechanical variables and providing unavailable ones. There is a need to take advantage of the modern equipment and the competent non-bio mechanical variables account available. The formation of a committee specialized in the analysis of the Iraqi Federation to analyze the performance of the skills according to the scientific bases of the players of the national teams. It is recommended to perform similar researches about the complex skills required by modern football based on accuracy and speed of performance.


biomechanical variables, constant scoring, moving scoring, skills, speed, accuracy, football.

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IssueIssue 4