Online Privacy Literacy (OPL) and Privacy Management Behavior (PMB) Among University Students in Malaysia

1Dr. Wan Puspa Melati, Hafizul Amin, Ayeshah Aqilah


Cybersecurity issue is exacerbated in the current trend towards Industry 4.0 with its design of interconnection between machines, devices and people through the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of People (IoP). To ensure the safety of users and to devise action plan, it is imperative for policy makers to first understand the level of awareness and behavioral pattern of its users. The current research surveyed 180 university students in Malaysia using the Online Privacy Literacy Scale [OPLIS] created by Masur, Teutsch, and Trepte (2017). The aims of this research paper are 1) What is the online privacy literacy level among university students and 2) In what ways do university students engage in online privacy management? Based on the findings, it was found that online privacy literacy level is generally low among university students especially on the dimensions of knowledge about institutional practices and knowledge about technical aspects. However, the students were found to engage in general privacy management behavior, but not taking additional preventive measures. Suggestion on innovative and inclusive module for online privacy literacy and privacy management behaviour has been proposed to better inform and protect these students in the inevitable participation of the virtual world.


Online Privacy Literacy (OPL), Privacy Management Behavior (PMB), Cybersecurity, Online Privacy Literacy Scale (OPLIS), University Students

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