Data Privacy A Movement of Deleting Popular Social Media Accounts

1Lee Fong Yee


This paper discusses the causes for deleting social media accounts due to privacy concern. It is important to learn from the failure of personal data protection and the biggest crisis in handling personal data, Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Public has become privacy-conscious on online media and this watershed has triggered a great fall in Facebook's stock price and ePrivacy regulation are tightened in terms of how companies collect, analyse and leveraging personal data as online users browse the internet. The objective of the study is to investigate the reasons of deleting Facebook from how the social media users feel and react to it. A web-based content analysis was performed to have an in-depth study on the most recent movement of #deletefacebook on Twitter. A thematic analysis was performed to code and analyse the data systematically. The study found that the main reasons that fuel users of Facebook to terminating their accounts could be categorised into three (3) meaningful emerged themes: (i) inappropriate management; (ii) improved users’ well-being; and (iii) regulatory loopholes. This study reflects the overall downward trend of social media and its impacts on the industry in future are also highlighted.


Data Breaches, Personal Data Privacy, Big Data Security, Privacy-conscious, #deletefacebook

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IssueIssue 4