Influence of limb physiotherapy and maintenance of bronchial hygiene on level of consciousness in head injury

1Ankita A.Jadhav, Suraj B.Kanase


The present rate of hospitalization for head injury is high now a days. Many patients die in coma state, some patients become severe disabled or remain in vegetative state. There are many nosocomial infections are seen in prolonged hospital stay conditions. Till now a strong correlation of limb physiotherapy along with bronchial hygiene as coma arousal is yet to be established. Total 87 head injury subjects with Glasgow coma scale score below 8 were included by using convenient sampling method. Pre intervention assessment were done with GCS and CPIS. The subjects were given limb physiotherapy and bronchial hygiene techniquefor 7days. Statistical analysis were done with appropriate tool. Post value of GCS is 7.759 ± 2.023 and CPIS is 5.402 ± 1.728which showed significant effect of limb physiotherapy along with maintained bronchial hygiene on level of consciousness in head injury. This study concluded that limb physiotherapy and maintained bronchial hygiene has significant effect on improving consciousness level of head injury individuals.


Head injury, bronchial hygiene, limb PT, coma, GCS, CPIS

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