Influence of Pilate therapy in post natal women with back pain

1Suraj B. Kanase, Sanjaykumar patil


Introduction: Regaining functional independency after delivery is challenging task to any female. It is mainly due to the impairment that follows in post partum period. Post natal back pain in the predisposing factors for most of the problems that arise. Prevalence is increasing day by day.Purpose : the purpose of this study was to find out a gold standard for managing back pain which is a global problem in post natal womens. Pilates therapy has been tried out for it.Methods : A pilot study where 20 post natal females having problem of back pain and abdominal weakness were included. They were assessed on the basis of visual analogue scale and manual muscle testing. Pilate therapy was given for period of 6 weeks. Results : using paired t test the scoring was calculated for changes within the group. Pilate therapy was found to have extremely significant difference in reduction of back pain and improving mucle strength statistically. Conclusion :Pilate therapy is very effective in reducing back pain in post natal women. It significantly improves muscle strength and flexibility of abdominal muscles.


Post natal, back pain, pilates, pilot

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