Effect of Thoracic Manipulation Along With Neck Stabilization Exercises On Pain and Range Of Motion In Subjects With Mechanical Neck Pain

1Kiran K Kamble, Dr Sandeep B Shinde


Mechanical neck pain is a musculoskeletal disorder characterized by pain, stiffness and reduced cervical and thoracic spine range of motion. People of age group 25-35 years are most commonly associated with these symptoms. Hence this study is conducted to improve neck muscle function and reduce symptoms. To determine the effect of thoracic manipulation along with neck stabilization exercises on pain, range of motion and cervical spine stability in subjects with mechanical neck pain. 68 individuals diagnosed as Mechanical neck pain by certified physiotherapist or an orthopedician were selected as subjects. Subjects were divided in 2 groups, 34 in each group. Group A received Thoracic manipulation and neck stabilization exercises while group B received conventional group of exercises.pre and post assessment were taken by visual analogue scale , Bubble inclinometer and Stabilizer pressure biofeedback unit. Both the groups showed improvement in pain. Range of motion and cervical spine stability. But the group is improved in comparison with group B (P<0.0001) Thoracic manipulation with neck stabilization exercises has significant effect on pain, range of motion and cervical spine stability.


Mechanical neck pain, Thoracic manipulation, Neck stabilization Exercise

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