Effects of Phonological awareness (PA) and Morphological Awareness (MA) on Learners' reading comprehension in Second Language Acquisition

1Mina yazdanparast, Mohsen shahrokhi


The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of reading comprehension from a morphological perspective level of morphological complexity and lexical category. The research sample included 40 intermediate participants who were studying English as a foreign language (EFL) in Shohada‘s private high school in Ahvaz. They were randomly divided into two identical groups, One group was experimental group (n=20) and the other one was the control group (n=20). They took a pre-test in reading comprehension at the beginning of the study. The experimental group received awareness on Phonological Awareness (PA) and Morphological Awareness (MA) in reading courses while the control group received traditional approach of reading aloud, using dictionaries, etc. They were taught 10 passages each session was 75 minutes. Finally, at the end of the course and after an interval of three weeks, the participants sat for their experimental post-test as an indicator of the long-term effect, retention of the instructions. Data were collected and analyzed through paired and independent samples t-test to compare the means of the pre-test and the post-test in both groups. This research has shown that applying the effects of PA and MA improves pre-control second Language acquisition and the interval between the control and experimental post-tests decreases the second Language acquisition. The Implications of the study suggest that using PA and MA can improve reading comprehension among the language learners at the intermediate level.


Reading Errors, Reading comprehension, Morphological awareness, Phonological awareness

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