Study on Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Self Actualization among Academicians of Tamil Nadu Universities

1Dr. R. Gopinath


Every profession needs a certain set of skills to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Teaching is a profession, in which the academician needs to prepare himself before entering in to teaching profession. They require lot of patients even for the classroom management; they are in the position to handle the emotions of young adolescents. This makes Emotional Intelligence is very much importance for academicians. SelfActualization means actualizing one’s own capabilities, becoming everything one is capable of becoming. Selfactualized individuals are also thought to be correlated with higher levels of Emotional Intelligence, better outcomes at work, better general health and well-being in the quest for personal development, Emotional Intelligence refers to being effective and Self- Actualization to doing the best you possibly can. Being both Emotional Intelligence and Self- Actualization is considered as important for academicians, the researcher attempted to study the influence of Emotional Intelligence on Self- Actualization of academicians in Tamil Nadu Universities. 175 samples were collected through Purposive Stratified Random Sampling technique. The researcher found significant and positive influence of Emotional Intelligence on the Self- Actualization of academicians of Tamil Nadu Universities.


Emotional Intelligence, Self- Actualization, Academicians

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