Home ownership is an Indians dream: A Comparative study on Impact of Demographic Factors on Home Ownership

1Ch. Hari Govinda Rao, M.Srinu, P. Sanyasi Rao


Because of fast populace development, there is a hurried amplification in housing sector and consequently housing related activities are also sensible prompted the development of Housing Finance Sector in India. Consequently, large number of private and public sector financial institutions have into the housing sector. Though India has an enormous history of establishing housing finance institutions, still there is a need to give much attention to adopt appropriate policies & procedure to cater to housing loan. The demographic factors are the major key factors that influencing the borrower’s decisions and thus there is a need for the study and the due influence. At this juncture, this paper makes an attempt to understand influence of demographic factors of borrowers and there is desperate need to the impact of each factor. This paper provides useful insight to explore the ground reality which helps to policy makers and for constructive judgment. At this juncture, the researcher has conducted a sample survey and examined the influence of socio-economic factors of respondents’ demographic factors that had influencing factors of homeownership through financial institutions. The study applied MLR (Multiple Linear Regression) analysis of critical autonomous variable with the assistance of Z-tests and also adopts ANOVA tests to discover the degree of variety in choices of home loan borrowers.


Housing and Housing Finance, Relationship of socio-economic factors, impact of Demographic factors on determinants of home-ownership.

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