Al Hajjaj in the Poetry Maids

1Dr. Insaf Salman Alwan and Dr. Mohammed Abdul Hassan


The presence of slave girls in the homes of the caliphs and princes had a sweeping effect on changing the shape of the political and hereditary map of the Abbasid state. From them, they became wives of the caliphs and the mothers of children. The importance of concubines and concubines was not less than that of their children or their husbands on the throne of power, for many of them had a great influence in the times when the slave trade and slaves were active in the palaces of the caliphate, and their affairs were elevated and they held high positions that were not occupied by the silk women in political, administrative, and even financial matters. It was not historically easy to ignore the importance of their contribution to Islamic culture, and preparing them to carry out their tasks was a role in the way they are directed, and here the role of socialization received by the girl at the hands of its owner is highlighted to fulfill the wishes of masters belonging to different cultural classes, and to do separate tasks, and for this, they were prepared according to for special measures to carry out their jobs, which is specific to the role that will be played in society later on, and whatever level of beauty that this type of women enjoys, their life as a neighborhood in charge of service does not differ much from those who were prepared for fun, in it, many similarities are evident, most important of which is absolute dependency. For their master, and their constant feeling that there is no stable life for them, because they are the most expensive and most sought-after commodity, and it was natural for them to continuously move from one house to another due to the buying and selling process that they are subject to, and here comes the sublimity of the slave women and their strength in investing what you get by preparing from cultures that vary between poetry different knowledge and customs to win a buyer of significant corporate value, the position of which will ensure that they stay for as long as possible.


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