Solar Radiation in Babil Governorate, between Investment Incentives and Obstacles

1Dr.Ali Jabbar Abdullah


The energy shortage issue remains one of the biggest challenges facing the study area, and this crisis is exacerbated with an increase in the consumption of electric energy by (6-7) %. This increase in electricity consumption is mainly due to the increase in population and the significant increase in temperature, especially in the summer, where temperatures reach (50) degrees in some days, and now after this significant increase in temperature due to the abundance of solar radiation due to the ideal astronomical location can be a great incentive to invest in electric energy production, and indeed, those characteristics that characterized the study area F. contributed to being of great importance in the planning field, both today and in the future, in addition to what this type of energy does (Renewable Energy) has an importance on the global and local levels due to its cleanliness and its limited environmental impacts in addition to the inaccessibility of it, as the Earth receives massive solar energy equivalent to three thousand times the global energy.


Lack of Energy, Consumption, Population, Problems, Babil Governorate.

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