The analysis of the security reality for the basketball sports Championships management in Iraq from the viewpoint of (the Central Iraqi Federation - sub-Federations - Referees - Premier League teams)

1Ali Kamal Hussein, Dr. Osama Ahmed Hussein


Through the field coexistence of the researchers, as they are members of the competitions committee in the Central Iraqi Federation of Basketball , the problem of research has emerged for them in a challenge to answer a question that has always come to the minds of the researchers (what are the methods that must be followed in managing the security field for the success of tournaments at the local level to be a starting point for hosts at the Arab and Asian level ?). For the purpose of completing the research procedures, the researchers have begun designing a questionnaire to measure (the security reality of the management of basketball sports tournaments in Iraq from the point of view (Central Iraqi federation - sub-federations - referees - Premier League teams), and the aim of the research is to analyze the security reality of the management of tournaments Sports at the Iraqi Central Federation of basketball. The researchers have adopted the descriptive approach for its suitability to the research problem, and the research community has consisted of the administrative body members of the Iraqi Central Federation of Basketball and its sub-federations, referees and Premier League players amounted (410) individuals. After applying the questionnaire to the research sample, the results have showed that there is a failure in the coordination side with the elements responsible for preserving the security of stadiums, and the need to enhance and develop the coordination level between officials of the federation for the management of sports championships and those responsible for managing championships from the Stadium Security Protection Unit in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The researchers have recommended the need to strengthen coordination and communication with (stadium security forces, administrative committees ) responsible for sporting championships management.


stadium security, communications

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