Arranging social values for secondary school outcomes and its relationship to their level of ambition

1Reda A. Hassan


The research aims to identify the following: 1- The value arrangement of the secondary school outputs in Karbala schools. 2- Differences in the value arrangement according to the gender and academic branch variables (scientific, literary) 3- The level of ambition among secondary school graduates according to the variable of the academic branch (scientific, literary) 4- The relationship between the value arrangement and the level of ambition of the intermediate school outcomes in Karbala schools.  After getting the results, the following conclusions were reached: 1- The value structure of secondary school outcomes is not affected by the gender and academic branch variable, whether it is scientific or literary. 2- The reality of the country has a direct impact on the value building of students of both gender 3- The academic branch (scientific / literary) had an effect on the level of ambition, as it was found through the results that the students of the scientific branch enjoy a higher level of ambition than the level of the ambition of students of the literary branch. 4- There is a correlation between the value structure and the level of ambition of students and both gender, as it is the pillar for achieving their goals.   Depending on the results, the research presents the following recommendations: 1- Supporting the values ​​preferred by secondary school students. 2- Including the original values ​​that affect the level of ambition of students in the school curricula. 3- The teachers focus on the value aspects that contribute to achieving students ’aspirations and their future aspirations. 4- Issuing brochures and publications to support and preserve the original values.


Arranging social values for secondary school outcomes, level of ambition

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