The Impact of the Use of Massage on the Reflective Points and Approximate Exercises of Running and Standing Phase according to some Bio-kinematical Variables for Front Jumps of Skill Hands on the Platform Jumping on the Arising National Team Technical Gymnastics

1Zinah Abdul Slam Abdul Razzaq, Suad Abdul Hussein Waheeb


This research aims to prepare massage exercises and the use of the reflective points to improve approximate jogging and stage the advancement of bio-kinematical running variables approximate the advancement of skill hands leap forward platform jumping a sample search. The research also aims to identify the impact of the use of the reflective exercises massage to improve running points approximate phase and the advancement of according to some bio-kinematical variables jump skill hands headlights on the platform jumping. Prepared exercises and massages contributed to the reflective points in time (10m) and affected in walking distance and the seriousness of the glove and speed (4) steps and a positive impact in time to seek macroeconomic policies on the glove in accordance with the conclusions reached by the researchers recommends that attention recruited 1,872 scientific dealing with the modern methods of hospitalization and benefit from the results of this study and its application within other training curricula of other actors.


Massage, Reflective Points, Exercises, Running, Standing Phase, Bio-kinematical Variables, Front Jumps, Skill Hands, National Team, Gymnastics

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