The Effect of Prayer Voice and Therapeutic Reminders on the Anxiety of Death of Hospitalized Patients in the CCuDepartment

1Parvin Delnavaz, Maedeh Sadeghi golafshani, Hamid Hojjati, Nafiseh Hekmatipour, Solmaz Rezaee


Anxiety and fear of dying is an unpleasant and common experience in heart disease. People who have religious beliefs and are used spiritual approaches to treat, have lower anxiety. Prayer and mentioning as two separate methods of spiritual care. compare two methods of prayer and mentioning on death anxiety in patients hospitalization in CCU Ward Social Security Golestan Hospitals in 1393. experimental study was performed on prayer groups (n=30), mentioning (n=30) and control group(n=30). Intervention was performed in Prayer and mentioning group, then each three group were compared. The questionairewastempler death anxiety that results were analyzed statistically by analysis. Statistical analysis showed a significant difference between three groups, the lowest death anxiety was found in the mentioning group (P<0.05).Training supervisor It seems that the spiritual experience along with other therapies will have a good effect. Can be used as an adjunct therapy along with othertreatments and palliative care, according to the guidelinesin the treatment of religious and spiritual care to be defined as a guide.


Pray, Mentioning, Death anxiety.

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