Workforce Participation and Economic Empowerment of Women: An Order Logit Regression Approach

1Gautam Mazumdar, Madhabendra Sinha, Amit Kumar Banerjee, Anjan Ray Chaudhury, Partha Pratim Sengupta


The paper is an attempt to investigate the inter-linkage between the workforce participation and economic empowerment of women. To attain the sustainable development goal in developing country like India- Women empowerment has been identified as a vital fact in regard to address the issues of poverty, inequality, inclusive development of the women, children and society. Primary data was collected and analyzed from one of the progressive district Nadia, State West Bengal, India. using ordered logit econometric model. The study observes four significant parameters and its influence upon women economic empowerment in relationship to prevailing patriarchal socio-cultural environment. The findings of the study reveals that despite various efforts made to bring women on forefront by giving access to opportunities to meet their aspirations, it is found that women have made strides and empowered having access to resources, education , married , living in urban locality but women as a worker, self –employment, single , working in informal sector , rural area progress seems to be at a snail’s pace. There is underutilization of women potential and their empowerment for coming forward and play key role as Business Leader, Entrepreneur and Professional.


Women, Women Workforce Participation, Women Empowerment, Order Logit Regression

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