Profiling the rural retail: An empirical study in the mountainous state of India

1Nitish Arora, Sarvesh Kumar


This paper is an empirical study to profile the rural retail stores situated in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The study tries to create a profile of retail stores in terms of its physical structure, size of the retail stores concerning the distance of store from the National Highways. It also highlights the retail scenario and characteristics of retail stores situated on the National Highway and link roads of a mountainous state. This article explores the impact of location on the rural retail scenario. Mixed method research design has been used to conduct the study. Cross tabulation chi-square test and content analysis have been used to analyse both quantitative and qualitative set of data. The study discovered that retail stores are made up of brick and concrete roof and have no impact of location on it. The retailers situated near to National Highway road have a higher income to the retailers situated on the link road markets. The one store multiple solutions strategy is followed in the rural markets. There are no weekly markets or haats present in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh which otherwise have a high presence across India.


Retail profile, Store profile, store size, retailer profile, National Highway, Rural retail.

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