Appendicitis - CT Evaluation

1Dr.AmreenThobani, Dr.PramodShaha


Appendicitis can be acute or chronic. Acute appendicitis is the most widely recognised surgical abdominal emergency in the western world happening in 7%–12% of the all inclusivecommunity . Fast and precise analysis lessens the morbidity and mortality of acute appendicitis. Due to its high sensitivity and specificity, computed tomography is becoming the favored imaging modality for suspected acute appendicitis, particularly in adults .Appendicitis is the most well-known stomach crisis happening in 7%–12% of the populace. The purpose of this article was to pictorially show the range of informative supplement and intense an infected appendix appearances on figured tomography (CT). The various appearances on CT of the typical reference section are appeared just as the CT models for the separation of punctured and non-punctured an infected appendix. Conclusion-CT is viewed as the underlying demonstrative instrument of decision for affirming suspected an infected appendix in grown-up patients with an ordinary or obesebody habitus. CT has better sensitivity and specificity than US, but we need to evaluate the value of CT’s improved diagnostic performance versus its cost and availability. It is a sheltered, dependable, and precise methodology for the determination of intense a ruptured appendix, particularly in patients with dubious introduction.


Appendix, Appendicitis, Computed Tomography

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