Evaluate English Language and Communication Skills (ELCS) of Engineering Students through Cell Phone Assisted: An empirical study

1Ganesh Dandu, Dr. Gomatam Mohana Charyulu, Dr. M Latha


In current academic scenario engineering students are completely addicted by the android cell phones. These cell phones in the hands of each graduate have turned into an essential piece of their life, without these smart phones can't imagine their life. Teachers and parents restrict them conveying cell phone into the classrooms for the reason that such device cause interruptions and also are the way for deviation from focusing on the lecture. Here are some of possible outcomes to transform this interest of utilizing the cell phones into an enthusiasm for learning language and test their language abilities. One such probability is presenting them to various devices accessible for learning English through application based on tests. The present study is focused on evaluate the ELCS of engineering graduates using Cell phone Assisted Language Learning (CALL) tests which are online devices. These tests asses English language proficiency of engineering graduates and give them confidence to enhance their language. This paper revealed the advantages of assist cell phones for acquire the skill benefitted, firstly in developing the engineering graduate students’ English Language and Communication Skills. Outcomes of online tests are explored in this article. The article ends with result of the assessments and with some suggestions for progress. Students must be exposed to available online tools and the most important one is to improve their ELCS.


English Language and Communication Skills (ELCS), Cell phone Assisted Language Learning (CALL), English Language Proficiency, Application based Tests, Online tools.

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