The Effect Of immune molecules in protection against COVID 19

1Ali Anok Njum, Rima N. Hassan


project attempts to estimate the manifestation of stimulated indicators on pBL ,as the manifestation of CD45 & CD74 in patients infected with COVID19 assessment of TNF-α and IL-8 serum ranks in patients with COVID 19 , associate the consequences of pBL –stimulation indicators appearance and serological valuation of TNF-α &IL-8 using multiple infection phases. A total of (24) positive patients for COVID19 were screened for this study .Patients attended general lab. of Al-Muthanna province , because of abdominal pain ,pulmonary distress , fever and coughing any samples expressed positive for COVID19 directly choose to show level of TNF-α & IL-8 in serum of patient and show expression of CD45 and CD74 in pBL in HCV patients. Results showed that serum samples were analyzed for IL-8 & TNF-α by ELISA , showed highly significant increases (p<0.05) in serum level of covid 19 patients as compared with healthy control groups , acute covid 19 revealed high as well as , increases in serum level of TNF-α significantly(p<0.05) ,while moderate cases of disease express high increase in serum level of IL-8 significantly (p<0.05).Activated markers study revealed high expression of CD74 & CD45 in covid 19 patients as compared with healthy normal groups ,where acute covid 19 patients were showed significantly(p<0.05) high expression in CD74 & CD45 compared with other covid 19 patients .


covid 19, CD45, CD74

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