Collaborative Work to Build Meaningful Learning in Basic General Education

1Liseth Stefanía López Vera, Marcos Fernando Pazmiño Campuzano, Esthela María San Andrés Laz


The teaching system that is taught in educational institutions must have implicit processes that ensure the motivation of students to discover new experiences, active methodologies that allow them to obtain their attention for a longer time and that give them the opportunity to learn collectively. and integral within a team, avoiding monotony and traditionalism in the classroom, which often occurs due to the lack of application of innovative pedagogical strategies. One of these participatory tactics is collaborative work, which is focused on the procedure rather than on the product and works with a shared responsibility among its members who possess diverse abilities and skills. This article aims to investigate the incidence of the application of this procedure in the construction of meaningful learning in basic general education. The results were obtained from a bibliographic investigation, which provided information from truthful sources, making use of the methods: analytical-synthetic, inductive-deductive, by means of which the information was submitted to reflective and critical study, reaching the conclusion of that it is necessary to educate students from the years of basic education, developing their competences to learn in teams, applying interactive methods and techniques that have been shown to promote the construction of new knowledge, based on communication and mutual aid.


Active methodologies, collaborative work, meaningful learning, basic general education.

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IssueIssue 10